Dog Walking in Alton, Hampshire UKFAQ

Are you insured?
Yes, we have full public liability insurance and also hold key insurance.

What experience of dogs do you have?
Combined we have over 30 years experience and we have both owned dogs throughout our lives.

What if there is an accident?
We carry a veterinary first aid kit, a mobile phone and your contact details. We also know the nearest veterinary practice if needed.

Walking the dog.How do you control the dogs you walk?
We only walk small groups of dogs at a time and your dog will be walked on the lead until you, the dog and we are happy that they will be safe.

Where do you walk?
In the local countryside, away from roads and where your dog will be safe to play. We know the areas well and visit different areas to ensure variety.

How do you transport the dogs?
We do not use crates, except for tiny dogs. Our vehicles are fitted with safety guards, and the dogs cannot jump out without our say so!

Dog walkers, Four Marks, Hampshire, UK

What other experience do you have?
Our continued studying of canine behaviour means we can quickly tell the difference between a dog that is "playing up" and one that is in genuine distress. Dogs are very honest creatures, and knowing how to read their language is important when caring for them. Continued learning is important when dealing with animals and something we maintain.

How long will my dog be out for?
We walk for an hour but your dog wil be out for about 2 hours, depending on our travel route. Because we never relay walk we take a little longer than those who leave half the dogs in the vehicle for an hour and then swap. We collect, walk, dry-off and water, then drop home.

Do you practice basic training whilst out walking my dog?
Yes, this allows us to establish ourselves as leader when your dog is with us which keeps your dog safe. We can use commands that you use and reinforce any training that you do.

Will I be updated on my dog's walks with you?
For new dogs we will let you know how they are settling in and of course always alert you immediately should we notice that your dog is unwell or out of sorts.

What if I go on holiday or are off sick?
If you are having a holiday, or for any other reason you don't need our services on a particular day, please let us know at least 24 hours in advice. Cancellations on the day may result in a charge as our day is already organised and slots are filled. If you are off sick, to save us being scared silly when we get to your house, please could you either text or telephone us to let us know. We can be nice and quiet then!!

How do we pay?
We issue invoices at the end of each month which can be settled by either cash or cheque but within 7 days of the invoice date please.

What experience of dogs do you have?
Combined we have over 30 years experience and we have both owned dogs throughout our lives. In addition Liz has a diploma in dog psychology and her studies of canine behaviour are on-going.