Training & Behavioural Advice

Dog training & behavioural advice

Liz Laker (distinction)

A dog that jumps up, pulls on the lead, runs away on walks, doesn’t come back when called or has no manners with people or other dogs is hard work, can be an embarrassment and is no fun to own!! However help is at hand and dog behaviour problems can be solved using Liz’s positive, reward-based methods of dog training and behaviour modifications.

Liz offers private training sessions to help owners work with their dogs to resolve any training or behavioural issues which are spoiling the enjoyment that comes with owning a dog.

One-to-one sessions are ideal for those owners and dogs needing additional help with training, who perhaps cannot or do not wish to attend a training class. It may be that owners would like to concentrate on one or two particular training issues, either in the home or outside.

Liz also offers sessions to new puppy owners to help avoid problems later in life by ensuring the right start for your new pup.

Consultations are also available to address behavioural issues such as fears and phobias, house training in adult dogs, separation anxiety, etc.

All training is positive and reward based, no harsh techniques or negative methods are ever used. Studies have shown that negative training methods which are punishment based do not work and should be avoided if a happy, well-balanced and well-behaved dog is the goal.

Liz is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and ADTB Gold Level Instructor.

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